about me

“I love working as a colorist because I feel it’s the perfect blend between technical knowledge and artistic expression”

Do you like colors and lights? – That was the unexpected and challenging question someone asked Xavi Santolaya when he was only a film student looking for a job. This innocent question rapidly introduced him to the fascinating world of the color correction. He was only 22 years old, passionate and willing to learn, so he put together the 3 magic letters that changed his life: – “YES”.

That’s the particular way Xavi started his career as a colorist in the telecine department at En Efecto, the major post house in Barcelona in those years. He realized that a vocation could also come by chance. And he definitely took the bait.

Graduated by the Ramon Llull University in Journalism first and Film later, Xavi quickly demonstrate a great eye for detail, a surprising capacity for technical learning and an amazing ability for teamwork. After a few years assisting other colorists, he started working for the best production companies and directors in Spain and rapidly became one of the best-considered colorists in the country. He decided to make a step forward, moved to Hamburg to work at NHB and starting his international career. From then on, he continued working for many other posthouses around Europe and the Middle East, such as Sehsucht in Germany, Storm in the Netherland, RUR in the Czech Republic or Serena Dubai in the UAE among many others. Meanwhile, Xavi maintained his collaboration with the main posthouses in Spain: El Ranchito, Glassworks, Deluxe Barcelona, Miopia, etc…

Great directors has trust in Xavi’s talent to grade their films: Ernest Desumbila, Nacho Gayán, Anderas Nilsson, Ole Peters, CANADA, Pep Bosch, Rodrigo Valdés, Victor Carrey, Los Pérez, J. A. Bayona, just to name a few.

As a colorist, Xavi has worked for the most important worldwide clients such as Nike, Mercedes, Audi, Vodafone, BMW, T-Mobile, Ford, Volkswagen, IWC, SEAT, Gatorade, Toyota, Honda, Adidas, Lexus… but also love to be involved in exciting and less commercial projects like music videos and other content. And it is that, despite everything and after 15 years grading, Xavi knows the smallest project might help in strengthen his wings to continue flying high in the world of grading.

Xavi is a above all creative colorist with an incredible technical background. He is very self motivated, has excellent communication skills and as an outgoing operator it’s easy and pleasant to work with him. He is a hard worker when necessary and good in teamwork and leadership. He is driven by a strong desire to satisfy his clients achieving his creative goals. Xavi is committed and likes to be involved in the process from the shooting till the online. Be sure he will definitely find the look that best fits your film. And if you are not happy, let’s start from the scratch!