“I love working as a colorist cause I feel it’s the perfect blend between technic precision and artistic expression”

Do you like colors and lights? That was the unexpected and challenging question a CEO asked Xavi Santolaya when he was only a student looking for a job. And accidentally this question introduced him to the fascinating world of the color correction. It was 2005, he was only 22 years old – passionate – and willing to learn, so he obviously answered: “Yes”.
That’s the curious way Xavi Santolaya started his career as a colorist in the telecine department at Imasblue Studio, the major posthouse in Spain, where he realized a vocation could also come by chance. And he definitely took the bait.

Graduated both in Journalism and Cinema in Barcelona, Xavi demonstrate a great eye for detail soon and a surprising capacity for technical learning. After a couple of years he was already working for the best production companies and directors in the country and rapidly became one of the best-considered colorists in Spain. After 4 more years as an in house colorist, he decided to make a step forward and became an international freelance. Since then, he has worked all around Europe and the Middle East and – like the first day – he is still looking for this fascinating project to jump in.

Xavi is a creative and a self-motivated colorist, outgoing and with excellent communication skills, so it’s easy and pleasant to work alongside. He is a hard worker when necessary, also great in teamwork and will do everything in his hand for solving any problems. Xavi is committed over all and loves high ending work, so be sure he will definitely find the look that best fits your film. If not, let’s start from the scratch!